Clever technology - future-proof and environmentally-friendly. The skylights in the roof flood the atrium with daylight. At the same time, these light domes are positioned so that the exhibits remain unaffected when the sun moves round with the seasons. The product scenarios themselves are displayed with artificial light.

The skylights also play an important role in the building’s ventilation system. Lamellar vents are located between the retaining walls that separate the exhibition booths on the ground floor. In terms of area, their openings are identical in size to the skylights that can be opened to air the building. The skylights and lamellar vents are opened at night to allow the building to cool down. This environment-friendly air conditioning concept was based on the record temperatures experienced in the hot summer of 2003. Even in extreme weather conditions, the insulating capacities of the concrete building should ensure the temperature is pleasant. At the same time, this ventilation concept has life-saving functions in the event of fire. If fire breaks out, it reliably extracts smoke.

The insulation of the solid concrete walls satisfies Minergie standards. If required, the LAUFEN Forum is heated via thermoactive ceilings (TABS thermoactive component system). Controlled air conditioning of the windowless building ensures resource-saving, reliable ventilation. The air is circulated twice every hour.

The reinforced concrete roof with 48 in-built skylights also proved to be a tough challenge for planners and builders alike. The 44 centimetre thick concrete cover was cast in one piece over 14 hours. It encapsulates twelve thick steel concrete bracing ropes, the supply and disposal pipes and electrical installations.