The visual anchor of moderna plus is the generously proportioned, trapezoidal washbasins, their gentle lines curving out towards the user – with ample space around the basin for soap, creams and other bathroom accessories. The ceramic design concept was created by Swiss designer Peter Wirz (Vetica). Besides washbasins in various sizes and versions, moderna plus also features WCs and bidets that make do with a modest 4.5 and 3 litres per flush. Made of indestructible steel enamel, the luxurious bathtubs with their clear lines merge seamlessly into the series design.

As a fully integrated series, moderna plus also features matching furniture, faucets and stylish ceramic shelving. The modular furniture system was created by the Viennese Polka design studio and can be colour-matched to various ambiences. The intentionally minimalist moderna plus furniture not only features scratch-resistant and water-resistant surfaces but tidy, well-ordered interiors that can be flexibly adapted to suit. Stylish, practical faucets enhance the fully integrated look of the moderna plus ensemble.


"How do you go about updating a successful series like moderna? What should and can be modified without changing the original character of this successful LAUFEN bathroom? How do you translate traditional Swiss values and future aspirations into design? From a designer point of view, nothing is more complicated than improving the familiar and making something successful even more successful! Process Design developed the moderna ceramic range 10 years ago now. The traditional Swiss design approach of the day also inspired the current redesign. Honesty, reliability and independence paired with high degree of utility are the signature features of the new moderna plus."